Research: From Imagination to Impact

Mechatronic vehicle systems lab

From the imagination of the researcher to the impact on society, the research that is undertaken at the Faculty of Engineering has global significance. Research funding has increased by over 50 per cent in the last five years because of our robust research environment, including our exceptional faculty and world-class research laboratories. We will use these next five years to further strengthen our research capacity and expertise.

We will begin with more intensive support for our researchers. To inspire research leadership, we will empower our people to engage and grow our research community while continuing to attract and retain top talent. It is critical that we expand our support to new hires and early career researchers and help them build momentum. We will do this through additional infrastructure support as well as creating opportunities to network with our already established researchers. For those with entrepreneurial aspirations, we will provide increased mentorship and help them catalyze commercialization, which allows their research to become an essential component of economic innovation.

Growing our research funding further is also key to our Strategy 2020-2025 vision. Excellent research requires the funding to support more than just equipment and laboratories. We need to ensure we retain, attract, and support top talent and provide opportunities for growth and collaboration. We will continue to focus on faculty renewal by strategically hiring top-calibre individuals with expertise that complements the existing strong research talent in the Faculty of Engineering as we continue to pursue cutting-edge, emerging research in areas of global significance. We will seek out the opportunities that allow our researchers to tackle the truly difficult problems of our world.

From Imagination to Impact stats - $96 million sponsored research funds, 110 most automotive researchers in Canada, Largest automotive research program in the country, 100% of ideas developed at Waterloo are owned by their creators, $25 million in NSERC awards

9 Signature Research Clusters:

  • Water Resources
  • Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Smart and Adaptive Infrastructure
  • Additive and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Automotive and Mobility
  • Connectivity, Network Communications, and Security
  • Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Human-Machine Interaction
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems
  • Bio-Engineering and Health


Become unmatched in bringing transformation from the lab to the world.


  • Grow research funding by strengthening ties with the private, nonprofit, and public sectors

  • Expand support for new hires and early career researchers in building momentum within their professions

  • Intensify and diversity global research opportunities

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration

  • Empower our faculty members to pursue impactful research that solves complex problems of global significance

  • Catalyze and support research commercialization for students and faculty

  • Enable research leaders to grow our research community and attract and retain excellent talent