COVID-19 Updates

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The Renison English Language Institute Office (REN 1930) is CLOSED and not available for visitors, in accordance with COVID-19 measures. Moving forward, we will be providing support in a virtual format. Read more about how to connect with ELI online.

For the Winter 2021 term, we will continue to offer programs in a virtual format, including our Winter 2021 term of English For Academic Success.

One-on-one Meet-ups

Two students meeting

For the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms, all one-on-one meet-ups will be offered through virtual video chat appointments only.

What's a one-on-one meet-up?

Renison ELI offers our BASE, EFAS, and GEAR students the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Peer Leader, your Student Advisor, or the Student Experience Manager, to practice English, learn about study strategies, or get help applying to a university or college in Canada.  These meetings are usually an hour in length, but can be customized for a shorter or longer time if needed.

During a one-on-one meet-up, we can chat about anything related to your personal and academic success, including:

Study strategies, including textbook skim/scanning, notes reviews, test taking tips and dealing with test anxiety

Time management help and helping you organize all of your assignments, tests, study time—and find time to attend events also!

Questions about life at Waterloo and being a successful student

• Support with adjusting to life in Canada and the city of Waterloo.

• Conversations about mental health wellness and how to build healthy strategies into your day-to-day schedule.

English practice! Just meet with us and practice your conversational English. We can talk about anything you like!

If you have any questions, please contact A.J. Dixon, Student Advisor.

Want a one-on-one meet-up?

To book a one-on-one meet-up, find the facilitator you would like to meet with, and click the "Register for a Meet-up" button. This will take you to a website called Calendly where you can book a meeting time that works best for your schedule. 

Not sure who you should meet with?  Please email our Student Advisor and he will be happy to help!

Meet with A.J. Dixon

AAJ Dixons the English Language Institute's Student Advisor, A.J. can meet with you to discuss many different topics. Some of A.J.'s most popular things to talk about include:

  • Time management strategies and how to create a schedule to keep track of all of your quizzes, tests, projects, and assignments.
  • Effective note-taking skills and how to ensure you don't miss anything in your lectures. 
  • How to prepare effectively for tests and quizzes, and how to reduce test anxiety when you are writing. 

Meet with Tiankai (Roy) Feng

Peer Leader RoyRoy is a proud graduate of our Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE) program in 2016/2017. As a student in the Environment, Resources, and Sustainability (ERS) program at the University of Waterloo, Roy is well prepared to speak about his experiences as an international student and provide you with support in the adjustment. Some of Roy's most popular things to talk about include:

  • How to adjust to study life as an international student in university.
  • Strategies to improve your English language skills and how Roy worked to improve his skills as an English Language Learner. 
  • Advice about life in Canada, studying at the University of Waterloo, and how to succeed as an international student.
  • Study skills and time management strategies that have worked for Roy during his undergraduate degree. 

Meet with Aleksandra (Aleks) Mastelica

APeer Leader Aleksandraleks is a student in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Waterloo, studying both Legal Studies and Sociology. As a Canadian, Aleks is happy to share her experiences in Canada and also speak to her experiences studying in university. Some of Aleks' most popular things to talk about include:

  • How to get involved in the campus community and build your soft skills to find a job. 
  • Her experience studying in a co-op program and what kind of roles she has done in various co-ops (fun fact: Aleks is on co-op this term as a Peer Leader!). 
  • Life in Canada and helping support students in building their English skills through conversation practice and small talk. 
  • Tips to adjust to the university environment and how to maintain a busy workload as a Waterloo student.

Meet with Ryan Connell

Ryan ConnellRyan is a proud graduate from the Social Development Studies program at the University of Waterloo. As your Student Experience Manager, Ryan is very knowledgeable about all of the campus services and resources available to University of Waterloo students. Some of Ryan's most popular things to talk about include:

  • All of the campus services available to you as a Waterloo student and what you are able to access to support your academic and personal success. 
  • Mental health wellness and strategies to improve your wellbeing as a university student. 
  • Advice for studying in an online environment. Fun fact: Ryan completed his UWaterloo degree and two college certificates completely online, in addition to now completing his Masters of Education online this year. 
  • Tips for adjusting to Canadian culture and building your language skills outside of the classroom. 

Meet with Alex D'Alton

Student Experience Coordinator AlexAlex also completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo in Legal Studies, and is now pursuing his Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology at the university. As your Student Experience Coordinator, Alex is a great person to speak with about the university community and advice to build skills that will look great on your resume. Some of the most popular things Alex likes to help with include:

  • Ways you can get involved in your campus community and improve your communication and leadership skills.
  • Entrepreneurship, what it is, and how this is such a big part of the University of Waterloo community. 
  • Conversation practice and sharing what he knows about life in Canada. 
  • Anything related to science, technology, or engineering! Alex was very involved with student design teams at Waterloo when he was a student!