COVID-19 Updates and Hours of Operation

Read the latest information for visitors to Renison University College on the COVID-19 updates page.

The ELI Office is open! We welcome visitors Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Renison University College is closed on Monday, May 23 in observance of Victoria Day. We will re-open on Tuesday, May 24, and look forward to assisting you at that time.

One-on-one Meet-ups

Two students meeting

Students have the option to register for one-on-one meet-ups in a virtual or in-person format.

What's a one-on-one meet-up?

Students studying in an English Language Institute program or graduates of our programs who are currently studying at the University of Waterloo have the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one meetings with members of our Student Experience team.

These meetings are usually 30 minutes in length, but can be customized for a shorter or longer time if needed.

During a one-on-one meet-up, we can chat about anything related to your personal and academic success. Some of the most common subjects that students talk about during a meet-up include:

  • Study strategies, including textbook skim/scanning, notes reviews, test taking tips and dealing with test anxiety
  • Time management help and helping you organize all of your assignments, tests, study time—and find time to attend events also!
  • Questions about life at Waterloo and being a successful student
  • Support with adjusting to life in Canada and the city of Waterloo
  • Conversations about mental health wellness and how to build healthy strategies into your day-to-day schedule.
  • English practice! Just meet with us and practice your conversational English. We can talk about anything you like!

Want a one-on-one meet-up?

To book a one-on-one meet-up, find the Student Experience team member on this page you would like to meet with. Click the "Register for a Meet-up" button under their name. This will take you to a website called Calendly where you can book a meeting time that works best for your schedule. A meeting reminder email will be sent to you that will confirm your meeting date, time, and location. If you booked a virtual meeting, the email will include a Zoom link.

Still not sure who is the best person you should meet with?  Please email our Student Advisor A.J. and he will be happy to help!

Meet with A.J. Dixon (Student Advisor)AJ Dixon

A.J. completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Victoria with bachelor's degrees in Education and Arts. As a Student Advisor, A.J. is here to support you in your academic journey. A.J. can help you with:

  • Effective learning strategies and study habits for Canadian university life
  • Time management strategies so you can keep track of tests, assignments, and appointments
  • Effective note-taking skills and getting the most out of your courses
  • Preparing for tests and quizzes and reducing test anxiety
  • Conversation practice and sharing what he knows about Canadian history and culture

Meet with Madeline (Xiaoxuan) Ma (Peer Leader)Madeline

Madeline is a 3B Honours Geomatics student in the Faculty of Environment and is a past graduate of our BASE program in 2018-2019. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Madeline interned with a couple of companies in Beijing and Shanghai related to her field of geomatics. Madeline has also been a supportive volunteer in our peer helper programs at Renison. You can always reach out to Madeline for:

  • Tips for adapting to life in Canada as an international student and navigating culture shock in university.
  • Helpful strategies to improve your language skills as a student whose English is not your first language.
  • Advice for building your student leadership skills.
  • Conversation practice and sharing what she knows about life in Canada.

StephanieMeet with Stephanie Chen (Peer Leader)

Stephanie is a 3B Honours Science and Business student in the Faculty of Science, who is completing a co-op work term at Renison. Stephanie’s past co-op term have been with the Faculty of Science as a Course and Technical Support Assistant and an Online Learning Assistant. Stephanie is fluent in English, Korean, and Mandarin. Some things you can discuss with Stephanie include:

  • Her experience studying in a co-op program and working in Canada.
  • Life in Canada and helping support students in building your English skills through conversation practice and small talk.
  • Tips to adjust to the university environment and how to maintain a busy workload as a Waterloo student.

Meet with Jared Cubilla (Peer Leader)

JaredJared is a 3B Honours English – Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communication student in the Faculty of Arts who is completing a third co-op work term as Renison this term. Jared has previously been involved with UW Quetzal, Waterloo’s student-run arts magazine, and the UW English Society as a peer mentor for their buddy program.  Some things you can discuss with Jared include:

  • Helpful strategies to improve your conversational and professional language skills.
  • His experience volunteering and getting involved at the University of Waterloo.
  • Life in Canada and supports that the University of Waterloo can provide.
  • Tips to adjust to the university environment and how to maintain a busy workload as a Waterloo student

Meet with Janine Graham (Graduate Intern)

Janine Graham Profile Pic

Janine completed her undergraduate degree in Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies at the University of Waterloo. She is now a Masters student in the Religion, Culture, and Global Justice program at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is currently completing her graduate internship with ELI in order to learn more about international students and their experiences with studying abroad. Janine is happy to talk about:

  • Your experiences studying at UWaterloo and transitioning to life in Canada
  • Mental health, relationships, and personal wellbeing
  • Recommendations for fun things to do in Waterloo
  • Anything to help with English conversation practice

RyanMeet with Ryan Connell (Assistant Director, Housing & Student Life)

Ryan is a proud graduate from the Social Development Studies program at the University of Waterloo. As your Assistant Director, Housing & Student Life, Ryan is very knowledgeable about all of the campus services and resources available to University of Waterloo students. Some of Ryan's most popular things to talk about include:

  • All of the campus services available to you as a Waterloo student and what you are able to access to support your academic and personal success
  • Mental health wellness and strategies to improve your well-being as a university student 
  • Advice for studying in an online environment. Fun fact: Ryan completed his UWaterloo degree, two college certificates, and a Masters degree completely online
  • Tips for adjusting to Canadian culture and building your language skills outside of the classroom

Alex D'AltonMeet with Alex D'Alton (Student Experience Coordinator)

Alex completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo in Legal Studies, and is now pursuing his Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology at the university. As your Student Experience Coordinator, Alex is a great person to speak with about the university community and advice to build skills that will look great on your resume. Some of the most popular things Alex likes to help with include:

  • Ways you can get involved in your campus community and improve your communication and leadership skills
  • Entrepreneurship, what it is, and how this is such a big part of the University of Waterloo community
  • Conversation practice and sharing what he knows about life in Canada
  • Anything related to science, technology, or engineering! Alex was very involved with student design teams at Waterloo when he was a student

Meet with Rev. Scott McLeod (Chaplain)

ScottRev. Scott McLeod is the Chaplain at Renison University College. Scott is a friendly face and a safe space to talk about anything and everything. Scott enjoys talking about spiritual questions, but you don’t have to talk about religion unless you want to. Some of the most popular things Scott likes to help with include:

  • Mental health wellness and strategies to improve your well-being as a university student, including managing stress.
  • Guidance to student services at the University of Waterloo as well as referrals to professional medical and health services in the local community.
  • Spiritual care including acting as a spiritual director, helping students with faith questions, and valuing our spiritual lives. 
  • Pastoral care including being a listening ear, a safe person to talk to, and supporting people as they live through life's struggles.