Academic & Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops

This category includes a database of the recordings from several of our educational and academic workshops facilitated for ELI students.  We invite you to attend our workshops live when they happen by visiting our Virtual Events page.

Meet and Greet Series

Meet and Greet Series is a recollection of clips from Renison's Virtual Student Meet and Greet events in which upper-year students at the University of Waterloo share their experience and advice to first-year students. In each episode, senior students share tips for success in different areas of university student life.

Two-Minute Tutorials

Two-minute Tutorials are short, two-minute videos provided by your Student Experience team on a wide range of academic subjects.

Five-Minute Tutorials

Don't have a lot of time? These speedy workshops are short to give you just enough information just in time on a variety of topics.