Research and Publications

Lake and river water δ18O and δ2H

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Lake sediment cellulose δ18O

BOUCHARD F, KW Turner, LA MacDonald, C Deakin, H White, N Farquharson, AS Medeiros, BB Wolfe, RI Hall, R Pienitz and TWD Edwards. 2013. Vulnerability of shallow subarctic lakes to evaporate and desiccate when snowmelt runoff is low. Geophysical Research Letters 40: 6112-6117. Highlighted in EOS 95, 11 (18 March 2014)]

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Lake sediment organic matter δ13C and δ15N

MACDONALD LA, KW Turner, AM Balasubramaniam, BB Wolfe, RI Hall and JN Sweetman. 2012. Tracking hydrological responses of a thermokarst lake in the Old Crow Flats (Yukon Territory, Canada) to recent climate variability using aerial photos and paleolimnological methods. Hydrological Processes 26: 117-129.

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Stream, lake, and groundwater δ13C-DIC

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Aquatic and gaseous δ13C

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Dissolved δ18O-N2O and δ15N-N2O

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Dissolved δ18O-O2

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Water Resources δ18O, δ2H, Tritium, 14C and 87Sr 

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Compound Specific δ13C, δ2H and δ37Cl

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Deep Groundwater δ37Cl, δ81Br, δ13C and δ18O 

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15N-NH4 and 15N-NO3 and 18O-NO3

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34S-SO4 and 18O-SO4

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Biological Carbonate δ18O and δ13C

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