Sample Requirements for Pure Gas

Analysis Amount Precision
δ13C/δ18O (CO2) Contact 2σ = 0.2 ‰ VPDB/VSMOW 
δ15N (N2) Contact 2σ = 0.1 ‰ Air-N2
δ2H (H2) Contact 2σ = 0.2 ‰ VSMOW
δ37Cl (CH3Cl) Contact σ = 0.1 ‰ SMOC
δ81Br (CH3Br) Contact σ = 0.1 ‰ SMOB

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Sample Requirements for C1-C3 Gas Mixtures (CH4, C2H6, C3H8)

Analysis Amount Precision
δ13C >1 nmol 2σ = 0.2 ‰ VPDB
δ2H >2 nmol 2σ = 5.0 ‰ VSMOW

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Sample Requirements for bulk δ13C Analysis

Analysis Amount Precision
δ13C >1 mg C 2σ = 0.2 ‰ VPDB/VSMOW 

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Sample Requirements for δ34S Analysis in H2S Gas

Analysis Amount Precision
δ34S 0.03 mg S 2σ = 0.3 ‰ VCDT

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