Pricing, Turnaround Time and Sample Submission

Internal UW clients, please contact the EIL for information

Forms and Templates

Analytical Fees

Analysis Pricing $CAD CAN Gov/CAN Academic $CAD Sample Size Normal Turnaround
H2O δ2H+δ18O in H2O by OA-ICOS (potable) $30 $25 2 mL 4 weeks
δ18O in H2O by CO2 Equilibration $30 $25 30 mL 4 weeks
Tritium, direct (±6  T.U.) $50 $40 30 mL 5 weeks
Tritium, enriched (~15x) (±0.8 T.U.)§ $195 $175 600 mL 12 weeks
Tritium, ultra low level (~50x) (±0.1 T.U.)§ $500 $500 2000 mL 12 weeks
Dissolved Species δ15N + δ18O in Dissolved Nitrate (chemical denitrifier) $110 $100 30 mL
0.5 mg/L N
8 weeks
δ34or δ18O in Dissolved Sulphate $100 $90 1 mg  S/O Contact
δ34S + δ18O in Dissolved Sulphate $150 $135 1 mg  S/O Contact
δ13C or δ2H in Dissolved Methane $40 $35 2 nmol 8 weeks
δ13C, DIC $40 $35 5 µg C 6 weeks
δ13C, DOC $40 $35 40 µg C 6 weeks
δ37Cl, inorganic $225 $200 3 mg 10 weeks
δ81Br, inorganic $325 $300 3 mg 10 weeks
Gasses δ13C or δ2H in Methane, Ethane or Propane from Gas Mixture $35 $30 2 nmol 8 weeks
δ13C + δ18O in CO2 from Gas Mixture $35 $30 2 nmol 8 weeks
Elemental Analysis δ13C + δ15N§ $30 $25 Details 8 weeks
δ13C + δ15N, pre-weighed $18 $15 Details 8 weeks
δ13C + δ15N, filter paper§ $40 $35 Details 10 weeks
δ18O§ (BaSO4) $45 $40 Details Contact
δ34S§ (BaSO4 or sulfide minerals) $45 $40 Details 12 weeks
δ34S, pre-weighed§ $30 $25 Details 10 weeks
Compound Specific (CSIA) δ2H on CxHy, per compound
i.e. BTEX, VOC, solvents, etc.
$120 $105 100 ppb 8 weeks
δ13C on CxHyClz, per compound
i.e. BTEX, VOC,  solvents, etc.
$100 $90 40 ppb 8 weeks
δ2H in 1,4-Dioxane (Low level extraction available) $120 $105 100 ppb 8 weeks
δ13C in 1,4-Dioxane (Low level extraction available) $100 $90 40 ppb 8 weeks
δ37Cl on CxHyClz, per compound
i.e. DCA, DCE, TCA, TCE, etc. / VC, PCE
$150/$200 $135/$180 5 ppb/10 ppb 12 weeks
Other 87Sr/86Sr $300 $300 5 µg 8 weeks
δ18O + δ13C, Carbonate $40 $35 1 mg 6 weeks
AMS 14C + δ13C DIC $475 $475 3 mg C 12 weeks

Submissions with concentrations below the analytical limit  that do not produce a viable result will be charged a nominal analysis fee (50% the normal cost)
§Analysis cannot be selected for priority analysis due to methodological limitations
Priority analyses for δ18O+δ2H-H2O will be charged at 3X normal cost as of Feb 1, 2024

Additional pricing and information for pre-treatments and additional services

Sample submission:

A selection of sample submission, labelling and shipping tips is available for reference.

Returning clients can make note of their Client ID to expedite the sample submission process.

Before submitting samples to the Environmental Isotope Lab (EIL), please ensure the following:

  • A sample list template i has been completed and emailed to the EIL as well as included in your shipment as a printout.
    • New Clients: Please ensure a billing information (DOCX) form has been submitted
    • Returning Clients: If a Client ID has been assigned and is included, additional billing information is not required
  • If your institution requires a purchase order (PO), make sure it is emailed to the EIL.
  • A chain of custody form (DOCX) is available to help facilitate delivery.
  • If shipping from outside of Canada, a customs clearance form (DOCX) is available. It must be sent to both Reem and Lirong (UW Procurement) as well as printed and attached to the outside of your shipping container.
  • Make sure to indicate that the shipment is Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). When preparing the Waybill for your carrier, check all transportation charges to sender and all duties and taxes to sender.
  • Country Specific Taxes: Please let us know if there are any supplemental taxes at your end that we need to account for. There are no Canadian taxes for research.
  • Sample Chemistry: We require the actual chemistry/concentrations of the samples provided to us to perform the analyses including units. This is critical as sample preparations are based on this information. If samples need to be reprocessed due to incorrect information, an additional fee may be incurred.

Normal turnaround time is from the receipt of samples with required chemistry. Priority/Rush is available for some analyses at 2X the normal cost to be run in the next available slot provided that the required analytical equipment is operational. Pre-treatments require additional time.

Accepted forms of Payment (Payer to accept all charges):

  1. Company or personal cheque
  2. Credit Card: VISA, VISA Debit, Master Card, AMEX (Canadian funds only)
  3. EFT/Wire Transfer


Rhys Gwynne
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Reem El Mugammar
EIL Client Services

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