• If possible, list samples in a logical or chronological order.
  • Make sure to use a sample labelling convention that can be easily cross-referenced to your sample list.
  • Use clear tape to cover any and all labels. Condensation or a broken bottle can wash away and obfuscate ink making it impossible to identify samples.
  • If possible, number all lids sequentially (corresponding to the "#" column on your sample list).
  • If ANY preservative is used, please list the type and amount on each bottle as well as your submitted sample list.


  • Include a copy of your sample list with your samples.
  • If glass containers are used, ensure proper packaging and spacing between vials (glass on glass leads to breakage).
  • Ensure all applicable forms are filled out and emailed to the EIL as well as included with your shipment.
  • International clients must include a copy of your customs clearance form (DOCX) visible on the outside of your shipping container.
  • Make sure to indicate that the shipment is Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). When preparing the Waybill for your carrier, check all transportation charges to sender and all duties and taxes to sender.

Forms and Templates

Generic Sample Submission Template (XLSX)

EA Sample Tray Submission Template (XLSX)

Billing Information Form (DOCX)

Customs Clearance Form (DOCX)

Chain of Custody Form (DOCX)