Eye Opener Café - CLOSED

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Location: Optometry building (ground floor) 

Features: Panini sandwiches, Baden coffee, tea, snacks and cold beverages

Payment accepted: Interac, Watcard, Visa, Mastercard

We've got an eye for good coffee! Swing by to grab a coffee and you'll be eye-balling up our delicious treats! 

Limited Fresh Xpress and Village Bakery items sold at this location.

  • Jan. 3 - Sep. 5 Closed
Closed until further notice, due to Ontario COVID-19 restrictions.


  • salad
    Caesar/chicken caesar/garden fresh/greek starting from
  • gourmet salad
    Gourmet Salads
    Edamame asian/bacon and egg/warrior
  • parfaits
    Hummus cup/parfait berry/carrot and celery cup/veggie and dip starting at
  • gourmet
    Gourmet Sandwiches
    Grilled veggie/local muffletta/Louisiana club/smoked chicken/smoky tempeh/Waterloo county beef
  • wedge
    Wedge Sandwiches
    Chicken salad/egg salad/ham and cheese/roast beef/tuna salad
  • panini
    Buffalo chicken/cubano/grilled Mediterranean veg/Italian salami/Texas brisket
  • gluten free
    Gluten Free
    Assorted items starting from
  • pita
    Butter chicken/california chicken
  • wraps
    Ham/Mediterranean/tuna/turkey starting from
  • fruit cups
    Fruit Cups
  • melts
    Melts (only sold at LA)
    Baby spinach/bacon cheese/caramelized onions/sundried tomato/three cheese/ mushroom/philly/tuna