Annual Report

Annual Report

All graduate students must submit an Annual Report of their activities.  This report provides a basis for the faculty to assess student progress.  In the Report, the student is expected to provide evidence that s/he is progressing satisfactorily toward his or her degree.  A suggested outline is provided below, although your own area may provide you with a slightly different one.  Following are the evaluation procedures common to all Divisions.

The evaluation takes place at the end of the academic year, and is due June 15th.  The evaluation is based on course grades, research completed or in progress, and teaching assistantship performance.  Typically, the student's entire record is considered by (a) all faculty members in the area; (b) his or her research supervisor (if the supervisor is from another area); and (c) any other faculty member associated directly with the student's program.  This evaluation may constitute the functional equivalent of a Special Examination in the student's area of concentration.  While course marks represent only one aspect of this evaluation, it is important to note that an average of at least 70% (B-) must be maintained.

The written recommendation of the evaluation committee that the student's training be terminated, continued, or continued on probation, is forwarded to the Graduate Studies Associate Chair, for their approval.  Direct feedback is given to the student, usually by his or her faculty advisor.

The area Head can provide a more detailed statement of the particular student evaluation process used in your area.  You must take responsibility for asking the faculty advisor or area Head about the goals and expectations of your program, and how well you are meeting these standards.  On some occasions, you may sit with your area evaluation committee.  This practice varies across Divisions.

If you have a grievance about your evaluation, this is what you can do: First, talk it over with your academic or research advisor.  If your grievance is not handled to your satisfaction, discuss the matter with the area Head.  Talk to your Graduate Student Representatives and to the Graduate Officer if you remain dissatisfied.  The final "court of appeal" is the Graduate Affairs Committee.  The Graduate Student Association (GSA) can advise you on how to effectively launch an appeal.