University of Waterloo graduate students are guaranteed a certain amount of funding depending on their degree. Additional sources may come from a variety of sources. For a complete breakdown, check out our handy How Does My Funding Work? fact sheet PDF.

Paying Your Student Fees

About a month prior to each new term you will receive an e-mail reminding you to pay your student fees for the coming term. Details regarding the breakdown of your tuition, due dates and related forms can be found on the Student Accounts page.

Since you will most likely be receiving some sort of financial aid, you will often be able to complete a promissory note, indicating that your fees will be paid by your anticipated aid or TA income. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions for completing the promissory note as incomplete forms or ones with errors are not processed and you will not be notified of this, possible resulting in late fees being charged.

Awards and Scholarships

UW Graduate Entrance Scholarships are awarded to incoming graduate students who have outstanding records but do not hold a major external award (CIHR, SSHRC, NSERC, OGS, FCAR, etc.).  Currently, the major eligibility requirement for entering graduate students is a minimum overall grade average of A- (80%) during the last two years.  Continuing eligibility depends upon maintaining a graduate average of at least 80%, full-time registration status and being within the time limits of one’s degree program.  These award payments will be withheld if students have any outstanding "Incompletes" on their transcripts.

Everyone must apply for CIHR, OGS, NSERC or SHHRC (whichever you are eligible for). If you do not apply then you will not be eligible to receive a UW Graduate Scholarship the following year. Applications are typically due by the end of September or early October.

Coming soon! Fact sheets for awards and scholarships.

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Tax receipts dealing with your tuition and education expenses (T2202A) can be found on Workday under Profile > Pay > Tax Documents tab.

More information about students and taxes can be found on the CRA web site.