Your Program

Course Requirements

In Psychology, a credit system is used.  Generally, a course lasting on academic term is worth 0.5 units, and one lasting two terms is worth one full unit (1.0). 

When you sign up for a course on QUEST you must indicate whether you will be taking it for GRADE or for CREDIT.  You cannot change your mind after the Course Drop/Add Deadline.  Note, however, that grades are important in ranking students for external awards.  Half of the courses required by your area and submitted for any graduate degree must be taken for GRADE.

Each area has slightly different course requirements for their students. To figure out what courses you need check out the link below that applies to your program.

Completing Your Degree

Being a TA

A teaching assistantship (TA) offers an excellent chance to gain teaching experience and is a worthwhile addition to your vita.  Teaching assistantships require you to work an average of ten hours per week (full TA), or five hours per week (half TA), although within these boundaries, there are considerable differences in time required. TA duties may involve primarily teaching, grading or a combination of the two.  Teaching fellowships (TFs) are also available for upper-year students, in which the graduate student teaches the course.