There are two degree programs in the Developmental Psychology Area:

Course requirements for the PhD program in Developmental Psychology

For the overall program requirements, go to Degree Requirements.

PhD students in Developmental must complete a total of 12 courses.

  • Two mandatory statistics courses from this list: Psychology (PSYCH) 630, 632, 800, 801, 804
  • Six Developmental courses which must include:
    • Two Foundations courses, preferably taken in the first and second year of study, but which can be completed at any time. One Foundation course must be in Language Development and the other can be in either Cognitive or Social Development. Students are not permitted to take more than three Foundations courses during their degree
    • Four breadth courses from other research areas outside of Developmental.

In addition, students must attend the weekly Developmental Seminar each term (PSYCH 710).

Course requirements for the MASc Program in Developmental and Communication Science (DCS)

Go to MASc DCS for the program description.

Go to course requirements for MASc DCS for coursework and internship information.

Note: The requirement of a Master’s Research Paper applies only to those MASc DCS students completing a 2.5 unit Research Lab Internship (in conjunction with a 0.5 unit Community Location Internship). All other MASc DCS students, completing a 1.5 unit Research Lab Internship (in conjunction with a 1.5 unit Community Location Internship), should confirm the research project requirements with their advisor, who will be the sole grader of the project.

Last updated: Oct 3, 2016