GASP Survival Guide


The twenty-fourth edition of the GASP Survival Guide owes its existence in part to all of those students who contributed to previous editions in years past.  A complete list of names is impossible to produce, so we hope that a general "Thank you all!" will suffice.

Special mention goes out to those members of the staff who took the time to proofread and update this guide (or portions of it).

How to Use This Guide

This guide is meant to aggregate information that is relevant to psychology graduate students. Information has been broken up into four categories which can be accessed via the sidebar:

Still have questions? Feel free to contact GASP for help through:

Important people to know in the department

Emily O'Connor, our Administrative Co-ordinator, Graduate Studies, has most of the forms you must fill out in order to attend graduate school here and is up to date on all the new twists in the Graduate Office bureaucracy.

The Administrative Co-ordinator, Graduate Studies handles everything from "Drop/Add" forms, to "Intent to Graduate" forms, to the graduate travel fund, to retaining PhD theses before orals. You'll quickly discover that this office is central to everything there is to know about graduate students and the graduate program at Waterloo.