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Self service

myHRinfo information and support

  • Update personal information
  • Submit TD1 Tax Credit forms on-line
  • View dependent/beneficiary information
  • View past paychecks and T4/T4a's
  • Apply for internal career opportunities
  • Register for training and view training summary

Submitting claims information and support

  • Online claims submission
  • Pre-populated forms
  • Detailed claims information
  • Coverage information
  • Health and wellness information
  • Direct deposit for claims

myPENSIONinfo information and support

  • Project your pension at various dates, with or without annual salary increases
  • NEW FEATURE - See how changing your work hours (FTE) will impact your pension
  • NEW FEATURE - Bar graphs and income replacement ratios provided with each projection
  • See your pension accrual as of the end of the previous year
  • NEW FEATURE - Pension Profile  review your personal, spouse and beneficiary information, as well as your accrued service, contributions with interest, and salary history
  • View your last 3 annual pension statements, starting with your 2016 statement

Hiring at Waterloo information and support

  • Hands on approach for hiring managers enabling the review of resumes online for both internal and external applicants
  • Candidates to be pre-screened based on key requirements making resume review easier
  • Faster approval process; moving away from paper-based signatures to electronic approvals
  • More insight into the application process and status for hiring managers