Human Resources Partners by department

Department Human Resources Partner
Architecture, School of Michelle Watson
Associate Provost Students Rochelle Davies
Associate Provost, Human Resources Michelle Hollis
Associate Vice-President, Academic Michelle Watson
Associate Provost, Resources Teesha Petker
Associate Vice-President, International Glenda Rutledge
Athletics & Recreational Services Rochelle Davies
Retail Services Rochelle Davies
Central Stores Lisa Carson
Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre Michelle Watson
Centre for Extended Learning Michelle Watson
Centre for Teaching Excellence Michelle Watson
Marketing & Strategic Communications Allison Stewart
Computer Science Lisa Carson
Conflict Management & Human Rights Allison Stewart
Co-operative Education & Career Action Kerry Eamer
Conrad Grebel University College Kerry Eamer
Counselling Services Rochelle Davies
Engineering Society Michelle Watson
Writing Centre Michelle Watson
Faculty Association Glenda Rutledge
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, plus associated schools & centres Teesha Petker
Faculty of Arts, plus associated schools & centres Kerry Eamer
Faculty of Engineering, plus associated schools & centres Michelle Watson
Faculty of Environment, plus associated schools & centres Allison Stewart
Faculty of Mathematics, plus associated schools & centres Lisa Carson
Faculty of Science, plus associated schools & centres Allison Stewart
Federation of Students Rochelle Davies
Finance Lisa Carson
Food Services Rochelle Davies
Graduate Student Association Rochelle Davies
Graduate studies office Allison Stewart
Health Services Rochelle Davies
Housing & Residences Rochelle Davies
Human Resources Michelle Hollis
Information Systems & Technology Allison Stewart
Institute for Computer Research Lisa Carson
Institute for Quantum Computing Glenda Rutledge
Institutional Analysis & Planning Teesha Petker
Knowledge Integration Program (Waterloo Unlimited) Allison Stewart
Library Rochelle Davies
Math Faculty Computing Facility (MFCF) Lisa Carson
AccessAbility Services Rochelle Davies
Office of Advancement Michelle Watson
Office of the General Counsel Allison Stewart
Office of the President Michelle Hollis
Office of Research Glenda Rutledge
Office of the Registrar Teesha Petker
Optometry Allison Stewart
Organizational & Human Development Michelle Hollis
Plant Operations Glenda Rutledge
Police Services Allison Stewart
Parking Glenda Rutledge
Procurement & Contract Services Lisa Carson
Renison University College Kerry Eamer
Retail Services Rochelle Davies
Safety Office Allison Stewart
Secretariat  Allison Stewart
St. Jerome's University Kerry Eamer
St. Paul's University College Kerry Eamer
Staff Association Michelle Hollis
Student Success Office Rochelle Davies
Waterloo Theatre Centre Rochelle Davies
Velocity Rochelle Davies
Vice President Administration & Finance Lisa Carson
Vice President Academic & Provost Lisa Carson
Vice President University Relations Allison Stewart
Vice President University Research Glenda Rutledge
Waterloo International Glenda Rutledge
WatPD Teesha Petker