Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section for topics on registration, policies, and general learning and development inquiries.  


I cannot login with my user ID and password. Am I doing something incorrect?

  • You require a WatIam ID and password to register for workshops.  If you do not know your WatIam credentials, please visit to verify your account. Your e-mail address and your user ID may be different.

Are there any restrictions to registering?

  • Our courses are open and free to all staff at UWaterloo, including temporary/contract employees (which includes co-op students). 
  • Space is a limitation, though, as our class sizes are limited. Due to the limited course availability, it is highly recommended that you register early.

I deleted my e-mail notification, how do I confirm my enrollment in a workshop?

  • You can view your enrollment status in Portal by selecting the 'Calendar' icon to scroll through the dates. Or select your profile (where the goose image is!) and it will list your enrolled events.

How do I remove myself from a course?

  • Simply log into Portal and update your registration accordingly. A new email notification of your cancellation will be sent to you.

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I am working here on a temporary contract (or, I am a co-op student), am I eligible to take the OHD training courses? Is there a cost?

  • Yes, you may attend and there is no cost for temporary/contact employees or co-op students to attend OHD's regular programs and workshops.
  • Exceptions include our Cultivating Talent: A Mentorship Collective where specific criteria apply.

Can a member of the Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo attend training courses? What is the cost?

  • Yes, and there is zero cost to attend. We would be thrilled to see our friends from the affiliated institutions in our workshops.

Where can I find more information on the University of Waterloo's policy on training and development?

I have to leave my workshop early. Do I need to attend the whole session? What if I am running late?

  • Yes, we do require all our attendees to stay for the duration of the workshops to obtain credit. We appreciate that people are busy. If you cannot attend the entire course, we ask folks to sign up for the next offering (if applicable) or reach out to if you have any questions. 

Training & Development

My department would like to attend an OHD training program as a team/group/ Do we need to register individually, or can we have our own session?

I have an idea for a course that I would like to see offered at the University of Waterloo. Who should I tell?

  • Please feel free to contact any contact OHD. We would be happy to hear your ideas.

My training history on Workday says my workshop was 'Unsuccessful' but I completed it. Why is that?

This “unsuccessful” is about course data itself, not about the individual’s attendance. We apologise for any confusion.

A little bit more explanation: Courses that were on MyHRinfo (the previous Human Resources Management Software) had to be converted and imported to Workday.  Only course offerings with track attendance and grades turned on show as successful in Workday.

OHD workshops converted to Workday only had attendance. With no grade entered, the workshops will show as unsuccessful. Again, it is about the workshop itself, not about you as the attendee.

Your attendance is logged and recorded under the Career area of your profile on Workday.  Log in, look for the cloud icon in the upper right-hand side of the screen, select view profile, then select Career at the end of the side menu to see your learning records.

Other questions? Please contact OHD.

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