Tuition benefit


Eligible full-time faculty and staff members (employees and eligible retirees) enrolling in Waterloo degree-credit courses (excluding courses in a full-cost recovery program) will receive free tuition for up to two courses per term. For eligible part-time faculty and staff members, the benefit is prorated based on full-time equivalency (FTE).

Children of eligible members enrolling in Waterloo degree-credit programs or courses (excluding courses in a full-cost recovery program), may receive a 50% reduction (dependent on employees' FTE) in tuition fees per term, for a combined total of the normal number of terms of study required for each degree pursued. For purposes of this policy, tuition fees are deemed to include co-operative program or internship fees, where applicable. All other fees or charges are payable in full. If both parents are employees or retirees of the University, 50% reduction continues to be the benefit.

* The tuition benefit is based on the faculty or staff members' FTE. For example, a child of an eligible faculty or staff member who works three days per week (60% FTE) will receive a benefit based on one-half of 60% of the tuition, i.e., 30%

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