Strategic Services and Programs

We provide strategic services and operate numerous programs and initiatives that help foster an inclusive working and learning environment at the University of Waterloo.

Our work supports and contributes to the achievement of the University's strategic priorities and operational planning, building organizational ability to lead sustainable change, support our workforce in their professional development and health and well-being, and support your workforce needs.

Strategic services

Change Management

Waterloo’s strategic plan, Connecting Imagination with Impact, acknowledges we live in an era of rapid change and institutionally are built on a foundational “willingness to take risks and embrace new approaches”.

Whether you are a manager experiencing a change firsthand or are responsible for initiating one, there are a number of supports and services available to you. Learn more.

Continuous Improvement

A Continuous Improvement culture provides a consistent framework and set of tools for improving processes within the University of Waterloo. It is founded on Lean principles of defining value within work processes and improving operational work.

Learn more.

Organizational and Human Development

The Organizational and Human Development (OHD) team supports employee development through the design and delivery of comprehensive learning and professional development workshops learning events,

We also offer customized learning experiences and organizational development services to support your team and departmental needs. Learn more.

Workforce Planning and Analytics

Workforce planning is the process to ensure the right number of people with the right skills are in the right place at the right time to deliver the short- and long-term objectives of the University of Waterloo. Learn more.