Staff Orientation


The University of Waterloo is a unique organization which thrives on collaboration and collegiality. It is more than a place to work! To enhance your knowledge of the university, Human Resources (HR) and Organizational & Human Development (OHD) host an all-day orientation session.

HR and OHD have developed an entertaining and informative overview of working life at the University of Waterloo. The morning portion focuses on the unique nature of the work performed at the university, tells a little of Waterloo's history, and unravel some of the mysteries of university language, references and organizational structures.

Guest speakers and a live Q&A with HR and the Staff Association round out the morning session.

During the afternoon session, you’ll be introduced to the breadth of resources and opportunities related to your professional and career development here at the University of Waterloo including things like our Employee Career Advising program and the Waterloo Staff Conference. During this interactive session, you’ll dig into your own work values as well as the Basic Principles of the Workplace and see how working collaboratively creates a climate of co-operation, shared ideas and a common purpose.

Whether you are new to the university or a seasoned employee, HR and OHD would like to invite you to learn and explore all that the campus has to offer. After all, Waterloo is your university, too.

2024 New Staff Orientation Date

Staff Orientation will be held virtually (MS Teams) on:

  • Friday, March 1, 2024

Registration opens on Portal at least one month before Orientation. Although anyone is welcome to join, we encourage all new permanent and contract staff to join an Orientation session within your first six months at the University of Waterloo.

*Please note these dates may be subject to change. If you have registered for these events, you will be contacted about the date change.

See you soon!

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