Job Evaluation

Overview of the Job Evaluation Process

All staff positions at the University of Waterloo correspond with a salary grade determined through the job evaluation process. Positions (jobs) are evaluated using the Hay point factor system based on the content of job descriptions, research of comparable positions across campus, and may include an informational interview. Job evaluation is conducted as positions are created or modified based on the needs of departments.

Once all required documentation is received by Job Evaluation, the job evaluation process will commence based on volume and order received. Positions that require recruitment will be given priority. Grade and salary adjustments, if applicable, will be effective dated the first of the month closest to the date the complete package was received by Job Evaluation, with the exception of the blackout period immediately prior to the annual salary increase process. If the request is received during the first to the 15th of the month the effective date will be the first of that month, if received during the 16th or later the effective date will be the first of the following month.  Requests received during the annual blackout period will be effective May 1st of the applicable year.

Submitting Job Evaluation Requests

Once all required documentation is ready for submission please submit your request to your Human Resources Partner (HRP) with all documentation attached to the email.  Your HRP will review the submitted materials and work with you to make sure the package is finalized.  This may include some questions for clarity and/or revisions to the description submitted.

Once the package is finalized and ready for evaluation your HRP will submit it to the Job Evaluation Team for review. 

Types of Request

Further Information, Forms, Templates and Resources

Available resources in addition to your HRP and the Job Evaluation team:

If you have any questions or require further information with regards to the job evaluation process, please contact, one of the individual Job Evaluation Specialists or your Human Resources Partner.