University of Waterloo Organizational Charts

These organizational charts represent the University of Waterloo Executive Leadership team. 

  1. President and Executive Administration (PDF)
  2. Vice-President, Academic & Provost (PDF)
  3. University Secretary (PDF)
  4. Vice-President, Administration & Finance (PDF)
  5. Vice-President, Advancement (PDF)
  6. Vice-President, University Relations (PDF)
  7. Vice-President, Research and International (PDF)
  8. Faculty of Deans:
    1. Dean of Health (PDF)
    2. Dean of Arts (PDF)
    3. Dean of Engineering (PDF)
    4. Dean of Environment (PDF)
    5. Dean of Mathematics  (PDF)
    6. Dean of Science (PDF)

Additionally, you can view the organizational structure of other University units/departments by logging into Workday and completing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your cloud icon/profile photo (top-right corner)
  2. Select View Profile
  3. Click Personal under your Worker Profile (blue menu on the left)
  4. Select the Team icon to explore your unit-specific organization charts
  5. Navigate the dynamic org charts to explore many other units within Waterloo