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Welcome to the University of Waterloo. We are honoured that you have chosen us as your employer.  We want to make it easy for you to get set up in your new position. 

To experience a smooth start at Waterloo, please review the new employee onboarding instructions (PDF)

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Medical services 

Finding a family medical physician

Currently, many family physicians in the region are not accepting new patients. Often, family doctors have connections outside their practice care. You may request that your current family doctor provide a referral for you and your family to a local family doctor. You may search online for information on which physicians are accepting new patients on the following websites:

Find out more about The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).



Visit the Community web page for more information on volunteer opportunities, tourism, churches, and international spouses (ISG).


Visit the Relocation web page for more information on real estate listings, moving in, relocation guides, pets, utilities, and banking.