Mass Processing in Workday

Workday provides the ability to perform mass processes. This functionality should be utilized for a minimum of 30 business transactions.

Mass processing in Workday allows for:

Please select the appropriate template and populate the required information by following the instructions outlined within each respective template.

The completed template must be sent to one week prior to the established payroll deadline to allow the process to be loaded into Workday and to ensure all necessary approvals are obtained.

Mass Hire Templates

Hire Templates  Use Based on Employee Type Description
Mass Casual employee hire template (xlsx) Casual Employees

Casual employees are staff members who are either employed for less than three months or on intermittent basis, do not have regularly scheduled hours of work, or are employed under an arrangement where they may elect to work or not when requested to do so.

Mass Graduate Student hire template (xlsx) Student - Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants

Graduate Teaching Assistants are graduate students who do not have full responsibility for teaching courses, but are appointed to carry out teaching-related duties. Graduate Research Assistants are graduate students who are receiving payment for assistance with research not closely related to the student's thesis research. 

Mass Undergraduate Student hire template (xlsx) Student -  Undergraduate Teaching and Research Assistants. Undergraduate Teaching Assistants are undergraduate students supporting faculty members. This may include laboratory instruction, assisting instructors in logistical tasks with course preparation, managing seminar or tutorial portions of courses, specified limited marking, or performing designated special functions for the faculty in that unit. Undergraduate Research Assistants work alongside faculty to help them conduct academic research by collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. 

Be sure to fill in the required information by following the instructions outlined in each template.

Mass Change Templates

Change Templates  Description 

Mass compensation change template (xlsx)

(job management staff only)

Used to update the monthly or hourly salary for any job-management workforce.
Mass cost center change template (xlsx) Used to a change the cost center where an employee’s salary and benefits are to be charged to on a go forward basis.
Mass location change template (xlsx) Used for updating the work location for employees.
Mass Casual position extension template (xlsx) Used to extend an end date for casual positions.
Mass casual end employment template (xlsx) Used to end casual positions where work is no longer being performed.

Be sure to fill in the required information by following the instructions outlined in each template.