Payroll: Information for Managers

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Submission cut-off schedules

View the cut-off schedules and timelines on each PDF: 

2024 Bi-weekly pay dates (PDF)

Employees who are part of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), and those who are classified as casual, are paid on the bi-weekly pay cycle.

2024 Monthly pay dates (PDF)

Faculty (regular and definite term), staff (regular and temporary), co-op students, and graduate students are paid on a monthly basis.

Manager roles

It is the responsibility of the hiring manager to ensure all employees (regardless of type) are hired and onboarded properly and on-time to ensure they are paid in accordance with the University pay schedule and cycles.   

Managers are also responsible for the entry or approval of casual employee working hours within Workday to ensure on prompt and accurate payments within the proper pay period

A few tools that are available within Workday to support these key processes are:

  1. Workday Announcement upon login shows the next pay period due dates
  2. A menu item called “Onboarding Status Summary” is available for managers that outlines pending tasks
  3. the Workday Daily Digest that is delivered to the Outlook inbox daily shares items that a Manager has to action by the pay period deadline

Note: Failure to follow the hiring or payment processes correctly may result in unpaid or delayed payment to employees. 

Paying employees by type:

Casual employees

Departments paying casual employees on should submit hours worked through Workday. View the Enter time for casual staff and Approve time for casual staff user guides for step-by-step instructions. 

Casual employees are staff members who are employed for less than three months or on intermittent bases, or who do not have regularly scheduled hours of work. Learn more about employee position types.

Note: Casual salaries are managed by the hiring manager or department, not through Human Resources. 

View the Workday user guide for hiring casual employees.


Graduate students

Graduate students are paid on a monthly basis. Payments for graduate students performing work as a teaching assistant or research assistant should be submitted using Workday.

View the Workday user guides for student hiring.

Payment types guidelines/procedures

To ensure compliance with government legislation, it is important that payments be coded correctly for taxation and year-end reporting purposes. These guidelines/procedures are meant to provide the campus community with additional information regarding taxable benefit and payment types, when they are/are not appropriate, and how to submit amounts for payment and/or reporting purposes.

This list is currently under development and is not a complete representation of all payment/taxable benefit types. This list only includes payment types that are not considered regular employment earnings.

Net pay/benefit cost estimator tool:

The Net Pay/Benefit cost estimator is a tool that departments can use to estimate the employer cost for the University of Waterloo supplemental benefits and statutory taxes for budgeting purposes. 

The tool can also be used to estimate the total budget needed to cover salary and benefits, as well. 


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