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Submission cut-off schedules

Submission cut-off schedules can be accessed on the Pay Dates web page.

Bi-weekly paid employees apply to casual employees as defined in policy 54, and those employees who are covered by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) collective agreement (Food Services and Plant Operations).

Monthly paid employees apply to faculty, staff, graduate students, and those employees hired on a Temporary Employment Authorization form (contract lasting three months or longer, including co-op students).

Paying employees

Paying casual employees

Departments paying casual employees on more than a one-time basis should submit hours worked through the casual time entry system (CTES).


Paying graduate students

Graduate students are paid on a monthly basis. Payments for graduate students performing work as a teaching assistant or research assistant should be submitted using the grad earnings data entry system.

Paying non-resident individuals

 Payment types guidelines/procedures

To ensure compliance with government legislation, it is important that payments be coded correctly for taxation and year-end reporting purposes. These guidelines/procedures are meant to provide the campus community with additional information regarding taxable benefit and payment types, when they are/are not appropriate, and how to submit amounts for payment and/or reporting purposes.

This list is currently under development and is not a complete representation of all payment/taxable benefit types. This list only includes payment types that are not considered regular employment earnings.


 Net pay/benefit cost estimator

The Net pay/benefit cost estimator is a tool that departments can use to estimate the employer cost for University of Waterloo supplemental benefits and statutory taxes for budgeting purposes. 

Employees, who are considering a change to their working hours, gross salary, or benefit coverage, can also use the tool to estimate what their benefit deductions and net pay will be.