Custom Requests

Organizational and Human Development offers customized learning and services to support departmental and organizational needs. 

Custom Learning Experiences

We offer custom learning experiences to support personal and professional growth and development for teams and departments. These experiences develop employees at an individual and team level to support team effectiveness, acknowledge unique strengths and focus on creating a vibrant team culture.  

Organizational Development Services 

We offer organizational development services to support employee engagement, team dynamics and institutional initiatives aimed at organizational effectiveness. Our services support leaders in group process facilitation, strategy development, instructional design, and advising.  
Our Organizational Development Services work closely with Human Resource Partners, Workforce Planning, and Change Management to ensure that we deliver impactful services in alignment with our talent and people strategy. 

Submitting a Request

Organizational and Human Development encourages managers and leaders to complete our Custom Request form for details related to their request including scope, needs assessments, and logistics.  
Once a Custom Request form has been submitted, a member from Organizational and Human Development will follow up within 72 hours to arrange a time to discuss the request in more detail.