Organizational Development Services

Organizational and Human Development offers services to support employee engagement, team dynamics, system-level performance management and institutional initiatives aimed at organizational effectiveness. Organizational and Human Development will look to support leaders in group process facilitation, strategy development, instructional design, and advising.

Timeline: Requests for organizational development services require time and resources to support. We will negotiate our ability to respond to these requests based on the scope and nature of the request, as well as our internal capacity.

Vision, Mission, & Values Facilitation 

Organizational and Human Development supports units, departments, and faculties with strategic planning processes. We provide consultation and facilitation services to support managers and leaders to review and develop vision, mission, values, and strategic plans in alignment with the department and University’s strategic priorities.  Our participative process facilitation and systems thinking approach supports managers and leaders to achieve buy in, commitment and engagement.

Meeting Design & Meeting Facilitation 

Organizational and Human Development supports units, departments, and faculties with meeting design and facilitation. We are skilled in designing and facilitating participatory, effective, and engaging meetings. As part of this service, we support managers and leaders in designing tools, structures, and implementation plans for meetings to ensure meetings are facilitated with a focus on the outcome, equitable participation, and cohesive group dynamics. 
Our services can support meetings, retreats, committees, and institution-wide initiatives. 

Group Expectations Exploration

We support managers and leaders in establishing group expectations for meetings, committees, and projects to enhance their effectiveness in working together. As a part of this service, we will design tools, structure, and facilitation plans to support ongoing group expectations conversations.

Group Dynamic Exploration

We support managers and leaders in identifying and addressing patterns of behaviour that are impacting the ability of the group to effectively work together. We will lead facilitated conversations to address patterns and teach tools to positively impact team cohesion in the workplace. Ongoing support and coaching will be provided to managers and leaders through the group dynamic exploration process.