GARLS Meeting December 2018

GARLS minutes December 5, 2018


  • Bottle Drive:
    • Saturday morning beginning of January—will drive around and pick them up
      • January 12th—pick up day (but if people need alternate date e.g. January 5th, this can be arranged)
    • Jaylyn’s restaurant—can steal some bottles
    • Jasmine family restaurant—can donate some bottles
    • Betsy will draft email to send to department—poster
      • Betsy send out reminder closer to Christmas
      • Email Betsy to arrange time and date for pickup
    • Announce total amount raised from bottle drive at end of January social
    • Option of having students return their own bottle and donating money to GARLS
  • Meeting with Sherry:
    • GARLS/Faculty wide social—last week of January (28th-1st)
    • Have something like McCabe’s social
    • Emailed Huether Hotel and Graffiti Market—waiting to hear back
    • Having set social at Bomber—Sherry loved idea—can put right in faculty members calendar (First one-January 25th—"Bomber Friday”)