We are proud to have had amazing keynotes with such innovative ideas and knowledge in their field. In the past years our keynotes have included:

Year Keynote
2022 Linda Oakleaf (Missouri State University) and Kevn Eshkawkogan (President and CEO of Indigenous Tourism Ontario)
2021 Fenton Litwiller (University of Manitoba)
2020 cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic
2019 Erin Sharpe (Brock University)


Darla Fortune (Concordia University), Paul Heintzman (University of Ottawa), & Elizabeth Halpenny (University of Alberta)

2017 Symposium ocurred as part of CCLR 15 - Waterloo
2016 Brett Lashua (University of Leeds)
2015 Troy Glover (University of Waterloo)
2014 Kellee Caton (Thompson Rivers University)
2013 Dawn Trussell (Brock University)
2012 Mark Havitz (University of Waterloo) and John Haddock (YMCA Kitchener-Waterloo)
2011 Deborah Bialeschki (American Camp Association)
2010 Karen Fox (University of Alberta)
2009 Chris Rojek (Sage Publications)
2008 Corey Johnson (University of Georgia)
2007 Kate Connolly (Concordia University)
2006 Karla Henderson (North Carolina State University)
2005 Bill Stewart (University of Illinois)
2004 Jennifer MacTavish (University of Manitoba)
2003 Robert Stebbins (University of Calgary)
2002 Tom Goodale (George Mason University) and Dorothy Dowling (Traveloge Canada)
2001 Doug Kleiber (University of Georgia) and Judith Cukier (University of Waterloo)
2000 Dan Dustin (Florida International University) and Nancy Theberge (University of Waterloo)
1999 Ed Jackson (University of Alberta) and Val Freysinger (Miami University)