GARLS Meeting February 2018

GARLS minutes February 15, 2018


  1. Updates from Committees
    1. Lara-Lunch and Learn
      1. Zoom presentation worked well
      2. March 14, 2018—Kim (TR)
      3. Erin Sharpe (Leisure)
      4. Need tourism representative (Christine vanWinkle; Xavier Font)
        1. Asked Karla Boluk but she does not have availability this semester
      5. Individual from the field (Luke Potwarka’s contact)
      6. Recognition for presenters?
    2. Brandon—FGSC
      1. Don’t be a bad TA/RA, you will lose your funding (guaranteed funding can be taken away after consultation with prof, Grad Associate Chair, Associate Dean)
      2. Coursework MA getting guaranteed funding?
      3. If you or your partner are having a baby and your Supervisor is on SHHRC, you can get $10,000
      4. Consider dropping down part time if you are not funded by the department and are on a research term
    3. Luc—GARLS Symposium
      1. 3 presenters contingent on Hallman funds to bring them in, set them up in hotels and honorarium
        1. Paul Heintzman—Leisure and Spirituality
        2. Elizabeth Halpenny—2006
        3. Darla Fortune—2011
      2. GARLS to do Thursday night social
      3. Bomber for catering
      4. Online registration through university—no charge
      5. Email to obtain more abstracts and abstract review volunteers
        1. Abstract deadline—Wednesday, February 28th  
      6. Event Page waiting to be posted
        1. GARLS Symposium information to be sent to profs to post on LEARN
        2. Send out to CALS List
      7. Inviting faculty retirees
      8. Booked poster boards
      9. Sunlife Auditorium
  2. Bake Sale—Monday, February 26th 10am-1pm
    1. Volunteer for food purchase or table manning
    2. Foyer in BMH
    3. Applied for Health and Safety permit—NO peanuts
    4. Posters and signage for day of—Jaylyn
    5. In support of “Kate’s Kause”—fundraising for an accessible washroom to go next to their playground
  3. Funding Applications Available
    1. GSEF—February 28, 2018
      1. Evening social for GARLS Symposium
    2. GSI (Graduate Student Initiative)—March 15, 2018
      1. Name plates for desks (slide in rather than engraved)
        1. GARLS logo and state whether MA or PhD
  4. Future Event Ideas
    1. March Social
      1. Rec Grad Headshots—Toonie for a headshot
      2. Talk to Jenna about photographers
  5. Future Meeting Date
    1. Thursday March 8th, 2018