GARLS Meeting November 2018

GARLS minutes November 21, 2018

  1. Tara (Webmaster):
    1. Send bios
    2. Featured grad research of the month
    3. Have GARLS bulletin board—would be easier and more accessible
      1. Put between Katie and Bryan’s office
  2. Sabrina (Lunch and Learn):
    1. 8 people at Lunch and Learn
    2. Potential for a CV workshop
    3. Workshop style vs. lecture
      1. Make students aware of what style is going to be
      2. Abstract writing—tie it to GARLS Symposium
  3. Vinurshan (Funds):
    1. Still missing GSI funds from headshot event
  4. Lara/Dan (Symposium):
    1. Give preference for keynote speaker and give bio by November 30th
    2. Troy is faculty support at GARLS symposium
    3. Theme? Open but stay within discipline of Recreation and Leisure
    4. Mark Havitz retiring summer 2019
      1. Award for best lecture/best poster—name on plaque
        1. How does it get adjudicated? What is the process of giving out award?
      2. Farewell summation of career
    5. Call for abstracts sent out January 2019
  5. Betsy (Fundraising):
    1. Candy grams for Valentine’s Day
    2. Bottle drive after New Year’s—first week of January
      1. Send email to Rec Grads
    3. Auction prof’s (time with your supervisor)
    4. Sponsored
  6. Jaylyn/Betsy (Social):
    1. Talk with Sherry about connecting for faculty/grad social—have them pay
      1. Have in department?
    2. Why is there no interest?
    3. Drop in—have set social on an informal weekly basis
    4. When are people going home in December?
      1. Need to plan for first two weeks of December or welcome back for January?
  7. Direction of GARLS
    1. Should GARLS be solely dedicated to the Symposium (i.e. Symposium Committee)
    2. Students are on campus when they have to be, why are we putting effort into socials with no turnout?
    3. Sherry or Troy has the power to give support to change in direction
    4. Nature of program and committee has changed
  8. Office Space
    1. Space that we get to work in on campus has biggest impact on student enjoyment