GARLS Meeting November 2018 updates

GARLS minutes November 2018 updates

Hi everyone,

At this past Wednesday’s meeting, we discussed ideas for a fundraiser. Jaylyn had the idea of running a bottle drive in January, which means that we would collect empty bottles and cans that we can return to the LCBO/Beer Store. We will then keep the money that we receive for returning the empties, which can reach hundreds of dollars (not that I would know from personal experience). We checked with Troy and Sandy to make sure that this idea was feasible and they were immediately on board! I have also mentioned it to some people around the department and they are excited to have their recycling picked up for them, including someone that has a restaurant!!

There are a few details that we will iron out over the coming weeks before we actually collect the bottles, including:

  • Promoting the bottle drive
    • I have attached a poster that I drafted up and I would love some feedback on it before sending it to the department
  • Who we are advertising this fundraiser to
    • REC department faculty and grad students would be a great start, and then they can spread the word to their families and friends as well. Would we like to spread the word to other AHS faculty/staff and graduate students? These departments are so dang siloed so maybe bridging gaps via garbage collection would help us get our names/faces out there? Or not?
    • I have spoken to Jasmine (MA student) because her family owns a restaurant in Guelph. She is finalizing details with her parents, but they are interested in saving their bottles between now and the pickup date. Would we like to reach out to other local restaurants (likely family owned versus franchise)? I can draft up a letter about who we are, what we do, and why we want their trash so that we can distribute it via email or in person
  • The logistics of actually collecting the bottles
    • We will need volunteers with cars to help with our collection
    • We will need volunteers without cars to act as co-pilots to help with navigation, loading the empties into the car, choosing the music, and having FUN
    • Once the promotional stuff goes out and the emails start flooding in with interested people we will have to work together to schedule what day(s) this pickup will happen, the routes we will take, etc.

That email was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be #typical BUT fear not, we will meet in person to discuss these details closer to the launch of this bottle drive. I wanted to bring everyone up to speed, but more importantly, I wanted to hear your thoughts on the idea! We are going to meet on December 5th at 11:00 to discuss more about this fundraiser and upcoming social ideas.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading.