What are the time limits for my program?

The University Senate has defined Program Time Limits (Graduate Studies Academic Calendar) in which graduate students must complete the degree requirements for their program.  

What if I need more time to complete my program?

When you reach the time limit for your degree program, you can petition to the Graduate Officer of your academic department for a maximum of three terms by:

  • Completing a petition for extension of program time limits form (Graduate Studies forms website). Be sure to include a progress report/plan for completion.
  • Submitting the completed forms to your graduate academic department for approval before the start of the academic term the extension is required.
  • Referring to your academic department website for additional requirements.

Further petitions beyond the three-term maximum time limit, require approval from the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for your Faculty by following the steps given above.

Program extensions are important

You will be automatically discontinued from your program if:

  • The petition for extension of program time limits (Graduate Studies forms website) is not submitted before or by the tuition and fee arrangment deadline for the term in which the extension is required (Winter - January 31, Spring - June 30, Fall - October 31).   Make sure your Petition for extension of program time limits is submitted to your academic department by the due date for the term (Winter - January 1; Spring - May 1; Fall - September 1).
  • Your petition for extension of time limits has not been approved.

The discontinuation is recorded on your academic record as of the start of the academic term in which the petition was not submitted or not approved. The appropriate refund of fees paid (if applicable) will be issued.