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Accelerated Master's for Waterloo undergraduate students

How to apply:

  1. Apply during 3A or 3B of your Waterloo undergraduate program.

  2. Review the following with your department’s undergraduate and graduate officers:
  • admissibility requirements
  • preferred graduate advisor/supervisor
  • graduate course selection and terms offered
  • proposed research topic
  1. Contact potential referees prior to applying.
  2. Complete the Waterloo graduate studies application process.  
  • Apply to the regular master’s program in the department of interest. The name “Accelerated Master’s” does not show on the online application panel or in the offer of admission letter.
  • Apply to a future term in graduate studies (the term after expected completion of your undergraduate studies). If the future term is not yet available on the online application panel, apply for the closest term of admission and advise the department.
  • After your online application is complete and submitted, we will send you an email with instructions on how to upload your application documents in Quest.
  • Complete the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) on Quest. 
    • Indicate that you are applying for the “Accelerated Master’s” program, giving details of a future term, preferred supervisor, graduate course selection and an outline of your proposed research topic.
    • List the remaining bachelor’s requirements for completion and timetable. 
    • List the proposed two graduate courses to be taken in 4A/4B.
  • Once your file is complete, contact the graduate program co-ordinator to advise that your application has been submitted and to note that you're applying to the “Accelerated Master’s” program.

Admission process:

If you are offered admission you will receive a conditional offer of admission. The department will apply a decision of conditional admit. Your application status will change on Quest, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs(GSPA) will post your offer of admission to Quest. 

  • The condition of admission indicated on your offer of admission letter will be to complete your Waterloo undergraduate degree. 
  • Additional requirements and conditions may be added by the department or GSPA.

Graduate level courses:

During the final year of your undergraduate program, enrol in the graduate level course(s) as approved by the graduate advisor/supervisor. Graduate courses must be approved as extra to degree by indicating "Xtra" on a Course Override form via the undergraduate program and Registrar’s Office.

Once you begin your master’s program:

The department will advise the records area of GSPA in writing, of the “Extra” graduate courses (unused credits) taken during your enrolment in the undergraduate program that will count toward the master’s program degree requirements.

Special notes if you are an Accelerated Master’s student:

  • You are considered an undergraduate by the University until your Waterloo bachelor’s degree is awarded.
  • You must be appointed a graduate advisor/supervisor.
  • You are encouraged to apply for graduate scholarships in September (in the year prior to starting your graduate studies).