Announcing the 2024 GRADflix winners

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

GRADflix showcase

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs is excited to announce the 2024 GRADflix showcase winners!

GRADflix is a research communication competition, where graduate students from all six faculties create 60 second videos about their research. These videos make complex graduate research accessible to a non-specialized audience, and serve as a way for graduate students to blend their research with creativity while broadening their communication skills, expanding their network, and gaining exposure for their work.

At the GRADflix showcase on February 6, 15 finalists had their videos premiered to an audience of other graduate students, staff, faculty, friends, family, and community members. Alongside the video premieres and a chat with past showcase winners, awards were announced for the first, second, third, and fourth place winners, along with the social impact award and people's choice award - voted on by the live audience!

And the winners are...

First place ($750)

Permeable reactive barriers: A strategy for acid mine drainage remediation

Paul Sherk

Paul Sherk (he/him)

Earth and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science


Second place ($500)

Vessel: Stories from the edge of the world

Liam Bursey

Liam Bursey (he/him)

Architecture, Faculty of Engineering


Third place ($250)

Investigating the roll of sensory re-weighting in motion sickness development

Siyavash Izadi

Siyavash Izadi (he/him)

Kinesiology and Health Sciences, Faculty of Health


Fourth place ($250)

Accessibility in speech technologies: Bridging the gap between typical and impaired speech

Nada Gohider

Nada Gohider (she/her)

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering


Social impact ($250)

Peatland wildfires and the global carbon cycle

Emma Wegener

Emma Wegener (she/her)

Geography and Environmental Management, Faculty of Environment


People's choice ($250)

Immune system: How does cancer turn it off?

Norman Ly

Norman Ly (he/him)

Pharmacy, Faculty of Science


A heartfelt thank you to all of our judges for their time and effort reviewing all video submissions and choosing this year's winners.

  • Michael Dorr, Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Brand Strategy
  • Tania Del Matto, Director, GreenHouse
  • Valerie Vaz, Manager, Inclusive Communications, EDI-R

All of this year's GRADflix videos can be viewed on Youtube. 

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