Congratulations to the 2019 Vanier Scholars

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Three Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship recipients will pursue their doctoral studies at the University of Waterloo. 

Hampton, Pretty and Yang

Tyler Hampton

Tyler is a PhD candidate in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. His research proposal - modelling water quality changes from streams draining forested landscapes in response to timber harvesting and wildfire – will help predict the effects of these activities on drinking water quality in forested regions of Canada.

Steven Pretty

Steven is a PhD candidate in the Department of Kinesiology. His research proposal - characterization of trochanteric soft tissue mechanics: informing the development of personalized protective devices - will add to our understanding of falls on the hip. Steven is investigating the interaction between hip protectors and underlying soft tissues.

Lei Yang

Lei is a PhD candidate in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Her research proposal - using duality to investigate the effects of interactions between electrons in topological quantum materials - may have application to the increase in speed and miniaturization of semiconductor electronic devices.

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