Rudolph & Hedwig Rempel Music Award

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Rudolph & Hedwig Rempel Music Award

To recognize his family’s passion for music, Rudy Rempel established the Rudolph and Hedwig Rempel Music Award.

Born in Ukraine and blind since the age of two, Rudy developed a keen ear and love for music. He played piano from a young age as well as a variety of other instruments. He attended a Music Technical School the Crimea where he soon became a teacher. Rudy enjoyed interacting with students and particularly appreciated working with gifted students.

He also taught a class of blind music students. Rudy immigrated to Waterloo, ON in 1948 after spending five years during the war in Germany. Soon after arriving in Canada, he met his future wife Hedy who had immigrated earlier to Canada. The Rempels settled in Kitchener and had one son, Walter.

A very busy man, Rudy worked at various tools and projects to improve the quality of life of blind persons and helped the Canadian Mint to design coins that could be easily identified by touch for the blind. He also worked in the Tuck Shop at the K-W Hospital for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and served for four years as National President of the Council of the Blind.

Hedwig, who died in 2003, was a tireless caregiver for Rudy and Walter. During driving trips she would give Rudy a narrative of the country side he could not see. Not only did Hedy manage the household, but she managed the family’s finances. The fruits of their modest life and their love of music are manifest in the generous gift that makes this award possible.

“If this gift makes a little music, I’ll be happy. It will be nice if this inspires students.” — Rudy Rempel

About the Award

This award is to support and promote musical gifts among students studying at Conrad Grebel University College and pursuing Music studies at the University of Waterloo. The award will be used to attract gifted students into the Arts Faculty (first-year) and acceptance into the Music Program (in the second-year).

The award is given to:

  • Students who are pursuing a Music Major or Joint Honours
  • Students enrolled in Music at Conrad Grebel University College and holding a 75% average
  • Contribution to the Music program of the College
  • Students holding a current contract as a resident or associate student with the College

Amount: Two awards of approx. $2,000 each for four years.