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Since 1984 the Heritage Resources Centre (HRC) has conducted research and offered education related to heritage themes and worked with all levels of government on heritage initiatives. The HRC has been a consistent source of empirical studies and a training ground for new generations of heritage professionals. It has supported the activities of legions of tireless community volunteers dedicated to the conservation and celebration of our collective past that provides guidance for our future.

The Many Faces of Heritage: An Interdisciplinary Colloquium

We invite you to an Interdisciplinary Colloquium Convened by the University of Waterloo Heritage Resources Centre! Join us at Federation Hall on April 29th to explore the many faces of heritage. Click here for more details!

The Culture of Cities Centre - A Call for Papers

The Culture of Cities Centre is calling for papers for the upcoming "Intangible Heritage: Scenes of Urban Innovation" Conference from July 10th-13th, 2018, in Athens, Greece. Submit entries to https://www.cultureofcities.com/c4p-submissionform

Sample Initiatives

Blog - OHA+M

Ontario Heritage Act + More

The award-winning OHA+M blog focuses on cultural heritage policy issues in Ontario. With new posts every month, blogger Dan Schneider writes on a wide range of topics, especially the historical development of the province’s heritage policy and programs, and provides cogent analysis and commentary on current heritage issues.

Township Cultural Heritage Landscape Project

A landscpe photo of a farmhouse surrounded by trees with fields in the background

The HRC in cooperation with the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario and the Region of Waterloo has undertaken a study to identify candidate Cultural Heritage Landscapes in the Townships of Woolwich and Wellesley.

Lake Huron Coastline Workshop for Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

The Coastal Action Plan for the Southeastern Shoreline of Lake Huron is a project intended to lead to a comprehensive action plan for conservation, restoration and stewardship of the coastal area stretching from Tobermory to Sarnia. In this context, the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation asked the HRC to design and lead the first in a series of three planned workshops.

Stratford Heritage Inventory

In the fall of 2016 the Stratford Heritage Committee asked the Heritage Resources Centre to help them start a Register of Non-Designated Properties. This project was partially completed in 2017.

Ayr Conservation District Survey

During 2017 the Heritage Resources Centre conducted a study for the Township of North Dumfries. The study was to determine the level of interest among property owners in the business section of Ayr towards establishing a Heritage Conservation District.