The Heritage Resources Centre (HRC) works on a variety of projects for organizations and municipalities. Below are some examples of the services we offer.

International Research

In 2017 the HRC was invited to contribute a chapter on cultural landscape planning to the prestigious Routledge Companion to Rural Planning. The book is being edited by Prof. Mark Scott of the University College Dublin.

Heritage Conservation District studies

Comprehensive Heritage Conservation District (HCD) studies have been conducted in four villages within the Township of Wellesley, as well as Greenfield Village in the Township of North Dumfries, East Galt in the City of Cambridge, and Brussels in the Municipality of Huron East. A study of potential HCDs was also completed for the City of Waterloo.

Heritage Impact Assessments

The HRC has been completing Heritage Impact Assessments in partnership with Archaeological Research Associates Ltd. in the City of Cambridge and Oxford County, as well as numerous private contracts across Ontario. 

Municipal Heritage Registers

The HRC completed two phases of a comprehensive Municipal Heritage Register for the Town of Halton Hills, evaluating 400+ properties through an in-house developed information sheet. A third phase is currently underway.

Heritage Property Tax Relief

The HRC worked with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to develop a program to provide financial support to designated property owners.

Cultural Heritage Landscapes

Cultural Heritage Landscape (CHL) studies have been completed in the Township of Centre Wellington, Town of Goderich, City of Cambridge and Township of Woolwich.

Designation By-laws

The centre has written many designation by-laws, most notably the by-law drafted for the West Montrose Covered Bridge in the Township of Woolwich.

Statements of Significance

As part of the Historic Places Initiative, the HRC team drafted over 850 Statements of Significance for historic buildings and structures.

Strategic Planning

The HRC facilitates strategic planning sessions for Municipal Heritage Committees.


The HRC conducts regular workshops on a variety of heritage themes.

  • To serve those who wish to understand better, conserve, and use their heritage.


University of Waterloo, Environment 3, room 3209.


The centre has conducted a large-scale research project examining the oldest 64 Heritage Conservation Districts in Ontario, which resulted in the publication of Heritage Conservation Districts Work!

In partnership with the Grand River Conservation Authority the HRC prepared a comprehensive heritage bridge inventory in the Grand River Watershed entitled, Arch, Truss & Beam: The Grand River Watershed Heritage Bridge Inventory.

The Heritage Resources Centre conducts research on a team and individual basis in the broad field of natural and human heritage planning and management. The centre publishes research reports, as well as conference and workshop proceedings, and bibliographies.


The Heritage Resources Centre is actively involved in consulting in the broad field of natural and human heritage planning and management.


The Heritage Resource Centre offers education in the broad field of natural and human heritage planning and management. In our educational efforts, the centre uses a variety of informal and formal methods to achieve mutual learning. Our efforts tend to be process oriented--interactive and adaptive.

The centre prepares an annual report, as well as a brochure that list upcoming seminars and lectures. Generally four to eight seminars or workshops are offered each year (see workshops). Conferences and public lectures are held both on and off campus, often in conjunction with other organizations.

Our workshops and seminars are aimed at professionals and citizens who strive to understand and use heritage as an approach to improving planning and managing of economic, cultural, and natural changes. The purpose of the program is to encourage learning, communication, and networking among the array of public and private groups and individuals interested in heritage planning and management in the broad dynamic sense of land and life coming to us from the past.