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OHA+M (Ontario Heritage Act and More)

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A Tax Class for Heritage Gets the Cold Shoulder

Artscape Youngplace building front

Artscape Youngplace, a culture hub on Shaw Street, Toronto

Picking up from last time:

It’s in the Bag: A Tax Class for Culture Hubs

You’ve surely heard of 401 Richmond? The building at 401 Richmond Street West at the corner of Spadina Avenue in downtown Toronto has been making news for a while now — and not in a good way.

A historical etching of the Macdonald Manufacturing Company

OHA+M Moves to Waterloo

Michael Drescher shaking hands with Dan Schneider

In “The Blog Takes a Bow” late last year I signaled that OHA+M would be relocating to the website of UWaterloo’s Heritage Resources Centre.  Well, c’est arrivé!

... and ahead in 2018

As for 2018, here are some things to watch for. 

The Trudeau government’s reaction to the ENVI report

Looking back at 2017...

Happy New Year!

Since everyone else is doing it — ruminating on the old year left behind and prognosticating on the one just launched — I suppose I should too.

For 2017, here are my top three heritage highlights. 

Steve Otto’s appointment to the Order of Canada

Just as the year ended, long-time heritage stalwart Steve Otto received the county’s highest accolade. The citation for his appointment as a Member of the Order of Canada reads:

Bill C-323 dies — a sacrificial lamb?

Sacrificial lamb: someone or something that suffers so that someone or something more important can succeed  ~ Macmillan Dictionary

Suffers — or in the case of Bill C-323, An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (rehabilitation of historic property) — dies.

Today, there’s good news and bad news.  Well, I’ve already told you the bad news.

The blog takes a bow!

A snapshot of the OHA+M blog first page beside an image of Daniel Schneider receiving an award from a woman and a man

Today, it’s all about the blog.

I don’t often get to toot my own horn, but… drum roll please. 

Bill C-323 at committee

An image of hands holding a globe and leaves above a field of grass

Ruins in the Ontario landscape, part three

Bridge abutments with a gravel road between them.

The aesthetic value of a ruin is pretty obvious (or, depending on the observer, it isn’t). What about its historical value?