Ahmed Gad

Graduate student

Ahmed Gad
Degree: PhD

Starting date: May 2010

Email: agad@uwaterloo.ca

Research title

Food preservation using pulsed electric fields

Project description

The use of pulsed electric fields (PEFs) is an alternative way for liquid food preservation rather than conventional thermal pasteurization. This method has the advantage of retaining the heat-sensitive compounds originally found in the liquid food itself, and hence improving both nutrition and sensory aspects. However, during the PEF treatment, some undesirable electrochemical reactions might take place at the electrodes leading to metal release into the food. Consequently, some metal ions may be present in the treated food affecting both the quality and sensory aspects. Further, the electric field distribution may be affected, and the electrodes life time is reduced. This research work aims to minimize these electrode reactions.

High Voltage Engineering Laboratory (HVEL) from my perspective

HVEL creates the research environment where knowledge and experience could be reinforced.