Mohammad Saleh Moonesan

Graduate student

Mohammad Saleh Moonesan
Degree: PhD

Starting date: September 2011


Research title

IGBT based high voltage pulsed generator

Project description

Design and implementation of a pulsed power generator to generate PWM high voltage waveform (20 kV 3 kHz PWM/Square waveform) for motor coil insulation test and also pulsed waveform for pulsed electric (PEF) liquid food treatment.

High Voltage Engineering Laboratory (HVEL) from my perspective

When I saw lightning at very young age I was scared. It was terrifying indeed. But now fear has turned into excitement. I began my high voltage journey from University of Tehran's High Voltage Lab as an undergraduate student. I continued my graduate studies here at University of Waterloo's High Voltage Engineering Lab which has one of the best research and development facilities for high voltage engineering and quite well number of research is in progress on a very wide spectrum.