Sang Bin Lee

Visiting Professor

Sang Bin Lee

Degree: PhD - Visiting Professor

Starting date: Sep 2017



Professor Sang Bin Lee's area of expertise is in Testing, Condition Monitoring, and Diagnostics of Electric Machines & Drive Systems.  He has spent 20 years of his career working on developing new on-line monitoring & off-line test methods for induction and synchronous industrial motors and generators.  His ideas have provided solutions for on-going reliability issues in the field for which conventional test methods are ineffective.  Many of his ideas have been patented and implemented into commercial products (or under product development) by General Electric Company, SKF Corporation, Eaton Corporation, and MND Technology.  He has also worked on evaluation and comparison of commercial condition monitoring test equipment for medium-high voltage industrial motors, and development of quality assurance test methods for the HEV and Appliance industry.  He has worked on fault detection and quality assessment for squirrel cage rotors, stator winding insulation, core inter-laminar insulation, magnetic wedges, journal bearings, and coupling/load-related failures.