Shanshan Bian

Graduate student

Shanshan Bian
Degree: PhD

Starting date: September 2008


Research title

A study of the properties of nano-composites developed by electro-spinning

Project description

Nano-fillers dispersion by electro-spinning is a new emerging technology under research in this project. The goal is to overcome the agglomeration problem associated with nano-fillers dispersion in polymeric materials. The existing nano-filler dispersion methods have their limitations. Some methods like conventional mechanical mixings are easy but not very efficient and some methods like chemical modifications of nano-filler are effective but very hard to popularize because most of chemical agent works only for a specific nano-filler and it is hard to select and control the optimum volume of the chemical agent. Electro-spinning has been investigated for dispersing nano-silica into silicone rubber polymer in this research. The improved nano-filler dispersion and enhanced thermal, mechanical properties confirmed the feasibility of using electro-spinning as a novel method to reduce nano-filler agglomeration. Electro-spinning is a simple and easy process. It uses electrical forces and high shear force which is produced during the stretch of thin nano-fibers to separate the nano-fillers; therefore, many limitations for the existing mixing methods no longer exist with electro-spinning dispersion technique. Different nano-fillers and base polymers will be studied to see the potential application of this new method.

High Voltage Engineering Laboratory (HVEL) from my perspective

High voltage Engineering Lab (HVEL) is the leading research and teaching laboratory in the North America. It is involved in many prominent and most talked about research fields, such as material improvement, nano-dielectrics, power electronics etc. HVEL facilitates students with various high-tech equipments. All students at HVEL are directly supervised by Professor Shesha Jayaram and Professor Edward Cherney who are world renowned experts in the field of high voltage engineering and material sciences. Students get innumerable opportunities to cooperate with leading companies and other university groups on mutual interests.