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Welcome to the Hopkins Laboratory for Physical Chemistry Research.  Our laboratory is a multi-disciplinary research environment where we employ computational and experimental methods to study the structures and reactivities of small nanocluster systems. For a more detailed description of our current research directions, please browse through the content in the Research tab on the left.

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  1. Mar. 20, 2022Hopkins wins 2022 Keith Laidler Award of the CSC

    The Keith Laidler Award recognizes outstanding early-career contributions to physical chemistry, for research carried out in Canada, by a scientist residing in Canada. Hopkins' research explores gas phase ion chemistry and employs controlled environments to study the evolution of condensed phase properties. Hopkins’ research develops and uses experimental tools such as ion mobility spectrometry, mass spectrometry, and laser spectroscopy, as well as computational tools including artificial intelligence.

  2. Feb. 15, 2022Protonation-induced Chirality Study Published in Angewandte

    In a new study, University of Waterloo chemists Scott Hopkins and Christian Ieritano have found a new technique to analyze mirror image molecules, known as chiral molecules, in order to distinguish the two different versions.

  3. Dec. 18, 2020Hopkins Receives CSMS Young Investigator Award

    Congratulations to Prof. Hopkins on receiving the 2020 Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry Young Investigator Award!

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