Benefits of industrial membership

  1. A total of two days consulting per year, at a location of your choice.
    • The company's obligations are concerned with travel expenses, only, if any.
  2. Receipt of pre-prints of our research manuscripts as they are accepted for publication.
    • This gives the company member access to recent state-of-the-art research results well in advance (sometimes almost a year and a half) before they appear in the open literature.
  3. Free registration (except for room and board) for representatives of your company at our annual Symposium on Polymerization Theory/Practice.
    • The Symposium takes place annually in May.
  4. Industrial short courses
    • 2 annual locations--Waterloo, Ontario and Europe
    • General Courses--Polymer Science and Polymer Reaction Engineering
    • Courses on specific technologies (e.g., polyolefins, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), emulsions...)
    • Special discounts for member companies
    • Special rates for in-house courses for member companies
  5. Preferential consideration in undertaking contract research and other, more informal interactions.
  6. Reduced rates on our specialized equipment Gel permeation chromatography (GPC)/Low-angle laser light scattering (LALLS)Crystallization Analysis Fractionation (CRYSTAF), Rheometrics, polymerization pilot plant, high temperature GPC/Viscometer, etc.).
    • Such services are normally not available to non-member companies.
    • Rates are negotiated based on the number of samples or the scope of project.

Membership fee

The membership fee is payable by cheque to the Institute for Polymer Research

  • Membership is renewable annually by paying the fee

Member companies

  • Afton Chemical Corporation
  • Compuplast Canada Inc.
  • Lanxess Inc.
  • OMNOVA Solutions Inc.
  • Princeton Polymer Consultants, USA