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DNATechnological initiatives

Technological initiatives from the Institute for Polymer Research (IPR) have been instrumental in the development of better polymers for wire and cable applications, polymer modifications to make heat- and oil-resistant rubber, new polymer alloys and blends, systems for recycling polyolefin containers, the computer design of extrusion screws and dies and computer modelling and control of polymerization processes. 

The Institute

The Institute carries out applied and fundamental research in areas that are of vital interest to the plastics, coatings, adhesives and elastomers industries. This includes work in such diverse fields as molecular weight characterization, thermal characterization, emulsion polymerization, polymer processing, polymerization kinetics, copolymerization, reactive extrusion, polymer-based catalysts, polymer photochemistry and development of new monomers and polymers.

Member firms in the Institute receive:DNA

  • Two days of free consulting per annum by faculty members
  • Advanced research results before papers are published
  • Participation in Annual Symposium held in May
  • Membership on the IPR Industrial Advisory Council
  • Reduced rates on analytical and other research services
  • Priority on contract research

Intensive short courses

IPR also provides intensive short courses in Canada, USA, South America and Europe, or in-house for members firms.

  1. Mar. 24, 2020Postponement of IPR Symposium

    Due to the corona virus outbreak, the IPR Symposium has been postponed until further notice. Until then, stay safe and practice self-distancing! 

  2. Feb. 8, 2019IPR Member Professor Costas Tzoganakis receive mulitple awards
    Picture of Costas

     IPR member Costas Tzoganakis and University of Waterloo startup Tyromer Inc. are poised to change the way the world handles its scrap tires.

  3. Nov. 23, 2016Boxin Zhao’s Research comes to grip with Gecko inspired self-peeling liquid crystal network cantilevers

    Editor in Chief of Advance Materials, Peter Gregory, submitted a story highlighting Boxin Zhao's paper, "Thermally Active Liquid Crystal Network Gripper Mimicking the Self-Peeling of Gecko Toe Pads", which has quickly become one of the most read articles on the Advanced Science News website.  

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