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  1. Mar. 29, 2019In Memoriam: Dr. Don Spink

    Spink, Donald R., B.S., M.S., Ph.D

    1924 – 2019

  2. Mar. 21, 2019Dr. Mahmoudi’s first teaching term nets an award

    Congratulations to Dr. Pendar Mahmoudi who, in her first term teaching, was recognized by the Waterloo Engineering Society with a Teaching Excellence Award.

  3. Mar. 18, 2019OleoTech, working to reduce water pollution

    Well before the Chemical Engineering Capstone Design Symposium took place in March, OleoTech was making the rounds, generating excitement and funding for the sorbent technology that they created for their fourth-year design project and developed into a startup venture.

    For their Capstone project, students Sinclair K. Hidajat, Cassidy Molloy, Gene Shim, Zeinab Sidahmed and Timothy Yeung put their minds together to tackle a pervasive form of environmental pollution: contamination of water by the continuous low-concentration release of hydrocarbons into the environment through stormwater runoff.

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  1. June 20, 2019MASc Oral Exam | A Multi-scale Model for Nickel-based Oxygen Carrier in Chemical-looping Combustion, by Huabei You

    You are welcome to attend Huabei You's MASc oral exam, in which she will discuss her research applying a multi-scale modelling framework on the NiO-based Oxygen Carrier (OC) particle in order to explicitly consider and understand the effect of reaction kinetics. 

  2. July 9, 2019PhD Defence | Capture of Monoclonal Antibodies by Weak Cation Exchange Membrane Chromatography, by Huayu Niu

    Supervisor: Professor Christine Moresoli, Chemical Engineering

  3. Aug. 15, 2019MASc Oral Exam | Evaluating Polymeric Materials as Potential Sensing Materials for Gaseous Analytes, by Noushin Majdabadifarahani

    You are welcome to attend Noushin Majdabadifarahani's MASc oral exam, in which she will discuss her research evaluating polymeric materials as sensing materials for acetone, formaldehyde and benzene detection. 

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