Crestron touch panel AV switching operation

Overview of Use 

  1. Restart the Podium PC and tap the Crestron touch panel OFF
     button in the bottom row,if the main presentation mode panel is not visible, to reset the Podium PC and AV equipment to defaults. 
  2. Select the lecure mode ie Video/Audio or Microphone Audio Only from the main window of the Crestron touch panel.
  3. Select the AV source devices you need eg Podium PC, Guest PC, Room camera, Document Camera from the bottom row of the touch panel.
  4. For each selected source device select the desired destination  and options in the popup list for that source device. 
  5. When the presentation is complete ensure you sign out of the podium PC and tap the OFF button on the Crestron touch panel to reset both to defaults for the next presenter. 

Touch Screen

All the AV equipment in this room is controlled through the Crestron touch panel mounted on top of the podium. If the touch panel is blank, tap the screen


All lighting is controlled by the wall switches located near the doorways

Lecture Modes

Lecture Modes
  • Center Image/Dual Image/Tri Image: Tap this icon to turn on and use the projector(s) to show images from sources
    • the side projectors are currently not functional
  • Mic only: tap this icon to use the wireless microphone located in the lock box on the side of the podium to project the presenter's voice to the room attendees. 

Note: Only the Centre Data projector is currently active in E6 2024 and DWE 2529.

Projector Mute

To mute one of the projectors tap the Image menu option on the top of the Crestron touch panel and tap the projector you want to mute. 


Press ‘Mute’ on the top bar of the touch panel:

    • Mute Mic: mutes only the microphone sound
    • Mute Sound: mutes all sound except for the microphone

‘Overall Volume’ slider will adjust the level of all audio sources

Select the ‘Audio’ page to adjust each audio source independently

Select the ‘Mic’ page to adjust each mic source independently


The wireless microphone is located in the lock box on the side of the podium. If you require a personal microphone for the term please contact Ingrid Sherrer x32404

The On/Off switch is on the top of the microphone bodypack.  Clip the microphone onto you about 4 to 6 inches below your mouth. 


Projection SOurces

Choose what source to show on the projector within the lower section of the Crestron touch panel:

  1. Select which source/device,  ie podium computer or guest laptop, you want to show on the data projector
  2. On the “I want to send this to:” page select
    1. ‘Projector Image’ to show on the classroom data projector
    2. ‘Preview Monitor’ to show on the podium monitor
    3. ‘Classroom Sound’ to send audio to the in-class speakers
  3. Select ‘Send’ to confirm your configuration and then Exit to exit the pop up. 

Podium Computer

Tap the space bar on the keyboard to wake up the computer and login using your NEXUS user name and password

podium.  If the PC does not respond to  a space bar tap or mouse movement try pressing the PC power button on the top left of the PC base. 


  • Connect the cable labeled Guest HDMI located on the podium to your laptop. You may need to provide an HDMI adapter for your laptop.

Room Camera/Microphone USB connection

The USB Room  Camera/Mic will work with either the Laptop or Podium PC. Select ‘USB Cam/Mic’ in the top bar of the touch panel:

  • ‘PC’: routes the USB camera and wireless microphone to the Podium computer.
  • ‘Laptop’: routes the USB room camera and wireless microphone to the USB cable coming out of the podium. Ensure this is connected to a USB 3.0 port of you Laptop. Some Laptops may require an adapter

Camera Position

Adjust the Camera position within the USB Camera page found on the bottom slider.

Camera Source

Choose what image is shown when using the USB Cam/Mic

  • ‘Use Camera Image’ will show the room camera image in full screen
  • ‘Use DOCCAM image’ will show the Document Camera image in full screen
    • E6 2024 uses the old IPEVO document camera connected directly to the podium PC and is not controlled by the touch panel and therefore cannot display the room camera and document camera in dual picture in picture mode. 
      • use the Windows Camera app to select the IPEVO camera  and show this image on your computer display and room projector
      • to present this IPEVO document camera image to remote attendees include this camera app  or your entire Windows desktop in your video conference software Shared application. 
    • DWE 2529 uses  the new Epson document camera and the old IPEVO document camera. You can show the Epson camera in dual picture in picture mode with the room camera. To use the IPEVO camera follow the points above for E6 2024. 
  • ‘USE BOTH’ will show a split screen of both the Camera image and the Document Camera Image.

Online Streaming and Recording

Once the projector image  and  room camera/document camera sources have been selected and confirmed with the Windows Camera app open the desired video conference software and visit the device selection settings section and select the USB room camera as the video source and microphone and audio output. Use the video conference software's Share feature to select the application or Windows desktop to share with the remote attendees.  Ensure that the remote attendees can see your presentation material, room camera and hear your voice and room attendees. 

To begin recording select the Recording option in the video conference software. 

For assistance please contact the Chemical Engineering main office x32404.