About Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Capstone Design 2016Welcome to Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Our department is one of the largest of its kind in Canada, providing a broad range of educational and research opportunities.

We believe that a chemical engineering degree from the University of Waterloo provides an excellent starting point to launch a variety of rewarding careers. Chemical engineers are at the forefront of technology and their role in modern society is becoming increasingly important. We design, implement and supervise industrial processes where matter undergoes change. This could be in the pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food or plastics industries for example - anywhere a transformation of matter occurs. Chemical engineers also play a major role in the emerging field of nanotechnology, with applications in the development of new materials and devices. They develop new processes to prevent pollutants from being released into our environment or to remove them after they are already there. They decrease our energy use by increasing the efficiency in fossil fuel refining plants, or by experimenting with new forms of energy generation and storage. Increasingly chemical engineers are becoming involved in the control, manipulation and production of biological systems as well; which have many important applications in the area of health care and food production. 

Our professors are leaders in their fields and this will ensure that you are exposed to the latest developments as well as obtaining a solid basis in the engineering fundamentals. The undergraduate program benefits from the co-operative education model, offering the best mix of classroom learning and practical experience. For additional information on co-op work terms, visit the Experience Co-op section on the Faculty of Engineering’s website, or the Co-operative Education office.