Chemical Engineering Safety Program

The Chemical Engineering Safety Committee is made up of Faculty, Staff and a Grad Student as follows:

  • Department Chair
  • Faculty Member
  • Staff Member
  • Grad Student Member
  • Safety Officer
  • Director

All Department members are to follow the guidelines and protocols of the UW Safety Office, Safety, Environment Management System (HSEMS) per Policy 34: Health, Safety and Environment as well as the Chemical Engineering Safety Manual.

All researchers are to begin the process by completing the Safety Training requirements outlined on the Declaration Page of the ChE Safety Manual.  This page requires the researcher to declare that they have taken the training and that they will prepare and abide by their Safety Report, written per Section 3.1 of the ChE Safety Manual.  This Safety Report must be written specifically to the project goals, equipment and chemicals being used, risks identified and mitigation plans, etc.  It is required to demonstrate awareness of the specific dangers and a plan for action to address problems if they arise.  If any plans change over the course of the work, the Safety Report must be revised and approved and resubmitted as an addendum to the original.

Safety Training must be taken to suit the job hazards of each department member.  The requirements can be found in the Chemical Engineering Safety Manualunder Safety Training Requirements.

After establishing your safety training requirements, please go to University of Waterloo Safety Office - Training Programs to complete your mandatory training. STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE MANDATORY SAFETY TRAINING BEFORE THE END OF THE FIRST WEEK OF THEIR FIRST ACADEMIC TERM.